WORKSHOPS are being offered InPerson or virtually through Zoom.
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Consider having a friend register with you as this can provide support for positive change!

Challenge your thoughts, behaviours and emotions while practicing proven and effective skills to manage anxiety and feel a sense of calm.
Support group for anyone who has been touched by the loss of a baby during pregnancy or shortly after.
Learn skills and create habits to boost your overall happiness and live a happier life.
Explore your grief after the loss of a loved one. Learn and practice skills to begin healing and reinvesting in your life.
We hope that this series will be informative and empower you to help you take control over your health and wellbeing before, during and after menopause.
Learn to focus on your life rather than your pain. Develop skills and engage in activities to manage your pain and improve your overall quality of life.
Formerly Health Basics. Increase your motivation and put new skills into action
Are you ready to improve any relationship in your life? Gain new perspectives and skills to improve how you communicate with others
Learn about your condition, resources, strategies and medications to improve your quality of life.
This Falls Prevention workshop will help you to live independently for longer and avoid falls.
NEW Virtual 6 week YOUTH Anxiety to Calm workshop specially designed for ages 12-17.