Individual Programs

One on One appointments that are held in your doctors office

A Family Nurse will help finding community agencies that best support your needs or concerns such as housing, finances or meals etc.
A Family Nurse to help support you in managing your blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol
A nurse will perform a foot assessment and foot care for those with chronic conditions, who are unable to manage their own foot care and who have limited financial resources.
A Certified Diabetes Nurse Educator is here to support you develop a plan to manage your diabetes with insulin or other medications.
A Family Nurse will perform cognitive testing for significant changes in memory, reasoning, perception or ability to perform daily tasks.
A skilled team of professionals work with your family doctor, community agencies like the Alzheimer’s Society, and specialists to provide compassionate, person centered care.
A Pharmacist will discuss your medications and how they can best help you, This may be most helpful if you are taking 5 or more medications.
A Family Nurse will help with education on healthy choices in pregnancy, and provide information regarding community agencies & resources.
Our team assists the family doctor in managing their patient panel and alerts patients about recommended preventative screening.
A Recreation Therapist may be able to help if you have become socially isolated, having difficulty getting started on activities.
This is a non urgent service. A Counselor will provide brief therapy on effective ways to cope with prolonged stress, relationship issues, grief and loss, and maintaining mental wellness.
A Family Nurse individual support to help you to reduce tobacco use or be tobacco free