Police and Crisis Team (P.A.C.T.)

The P.A.C.T contact number is 403.406.2505 or in an emergency call 911

PACT helps people in times of crisis. This program is available through the RCMP. A Registered Psychiatric Nurse (RPN) and a RCMP Officer respond to calls involving individuals/families experiencing mental health, addiction, or psychosocial crisis, especially
when a danger to themselves or the public exists. PACT follows up with clients and connects them with resources.

Program Format:
The program is mobile and will come to you in time of crisis.

P.A.C.T connects people with resources for the longer term, and follows up to see that people are doing okay and connected to resources.

How do you access this service?
This program is available through the RCMP.

Your commitment:
You will work collaboratively with a Psychiatric nurse and a RCMP officer to determine the help you require.