Nail Care

Who should attend?
This program is for anyone who has difficulty with trimming their toenails and is low income.
If you have a family member willing to trim your nails but they don’t feel confident this would also be for you, your family member would learn how to properly and safely trim toenails and would have the opportunity to demonstrate this back to the family nurse.

Program Format:
One-hour appointment with follow up as needed at the Red Deer Primary Care Network office with a Licensed Practical Nurse.

Do you Qualify?

Number in Family 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Family Annual Income <17,267 <21,016 <26,169 <32,649 <37,178 <41,232 <45,284

If you don’t qualify for nail care at the RDPCN office, you can contact one of the providers on the Suggested Contact Foot Care list (pdf)

Your commitment:
You attend your appointment as scheduled.

Where is the service located?
Red Deer PCN Central Office

5120 47 Street, Red Deer, AB
Phone: 403.343.9100