Memory Testing

Who should attend?
For anyone who is experiencing changes in memory, reasoning, perception or ability to perform daily tasks. Your doctor will review the test results with you.

Program Format:
One-hour appointment

Follow up with a physician appointment to discuss results.
Results may be monitored over time to ensure that any significant decline can be acted on early.

How do you get in to the program?
You will need a referral from your RDPCN family doctor OR If your family doctor is part of the RDPCN you can self-refer by calling 403.314.3297.

If you are already seeing a RDPCN psychologist, mental health counsellor, recreation therapist or pharmacist you can ask them about a referral.

Your commitment:
You will be asked to complete one or two written tests.  These screening tests will help detect if cognitive impairment exists. Write down any questions or concerns you may have and bring them with you to your appointment. You are welcome to bring a family member with you.

Where is the Program located?
The testing will take place in your doctor’s clinic.