Focusing on Being Healthy has made a Tremendous Difference

Jean-Guy was overweight, had hereditary high blood pressure, and some bad eating habits. Over the past few years, his habits had worsened, and then came Covid. Working in sales he found the isolation of Covid broke his usual travel routine. With constant access to snacks, his weight kept creeping up. When he saw his doctor in January, he had crept up to 336 pounds. He was not surprised when the doctor told him he had type 2 diabetes, sleep apnea, and high blood pressure. His doctor started him on medication, ordered a CPAP machine and highly recommended lifestyle change.

Jean-Guy took this very seriously. He immediately increased his water intake, decreased serving sizes, decreased his salt and sugar intake and moved more. The weight came off quickly. As a matter of fact, when we went back to his doctor, the doctor canceled the order for the CPAP machine, one positive result of his efforts.

In April he connected with the RDPCN Family Nurse. She confirmed that he was on the right path and encouraged him to continue his efforts. She also provided him with a number of tools and resources. He checks in with the nurse each month or two and likes the reassurance and help that he receives.

Over the past eight months Jean-Guy has lost 86 pounds. His blood glucose has gone from 28 to 5.4 mmol/L, now in the normal range. He is still on medication but his doctor has told him it will come off as he continues to bring his weight down. He notices an incredible boost of energy. He used to have to drink coffee a number of times per day to get through and now he sails through the work day and is looking forward to an evening outing with the family. He is very comfortable with the new lifestyle and very confident with his ability to get to his target weight. At age 45, he has a lot of living yet to do!!