Health Basics got me started

I have been plus size for some time. When I was 4 months’ post-partum I talked to my doctor about how to adopt healthier lifestyle choices. I want to be healthy to raise my daughter and to set a good example for her. However, I had no idea where to start. My doctor recommended I attend the Health Basics workshop.

I started the workshop in the summer. I was already aware of most of the information I received but I was not applying it in my lifestyle. It was great to review all the good stuff I can do to be healthier and all the tips and tricks. I liked the weekly group check-in. We talked about what challenges we had this week and what went well. I knew someone would listen and help me to make better choices.

I would describe my present lifestyle as very good. I am now exercising more, losing weight, using all the meal preparation tips from Health Basics and I also joined Weight Watchers. My husband works out at the same time as me and has also made many positive changes to his food intake. I am so glad that I started my self-care journey with Health Basics. The small successes I achieve weekly make me feel more comfortable and motivate me to carry on.