Anxiety to Calm Relaxation Resources

  1. Neuroplasticity by Sentis (youtube link)
  2. Dan Siegel’s hand model of the brain (youtube link)
  3. Meditation 8- The Three Minute Breathing Space; Mark Williams and Danny Penman (audio)
  4. Progressive Muscle Relaxation-; Hobart and William Smith Colleges (audio)
  5. The Body Scan Practice: Spoken by Dr. Elisha Goldstein(audio)
  6. Present Moment Spoken by Stewart Adams (audio)
  7. Label and Let Go Spoken by Stewart Adams (audio)
  8. Acceptance of What Is Spoken by Stewart Adams (audio)
  9. Loving Kindness; Newbie Yoga (audio)
  10. Self Compassion Break; Kristin Neff  (audio)
  11. 5-4-3-2-1- Mindfulness Grounding by Billy Cross (youtube link)
  12. Guided Meditation Safe Place (audio)