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Pregnancy and Babies

Health Information for You and Your Family

My Health Alberta; handouts, symptom checker, health information and tools (website) 

Prenatal Package

Pregnancy and Baby Introduction (pdf)
Building Incredible Babies (pdf) 
Diphtheria, Tetanus, Accelular Pertussis Vaccine (dtap) (pdf) 
Influenza Immunization for pregnant women, breastfeeding women, and families with newborns (pdf)
Prenatal screening brochure (pdf)

Prenatal Classes

So you're having a baby (pdf)
AHS Prenatal Services and Programs (website)


Healthy Parents Healthy Children (pdf) 
Alberta's free online prenatal programs (pdf) 

Healthy Eating

Healthy eating starts here (website)

Giving Birth

Red Deer Regional Hospital Obstetrical Pre-Admission Clinic (OPAC) will contact patient's around 36 weeks gestation.

OPAC (pdf)
Frequently asked questions U27 (pdf)
Induction of Labour (pdf)
Your Cesarean Birth at Red Deer Regional Hospital (pdf)


Breastfeeding made simple (website) 
International Breastfeeding centre (Dr. Jack Newman) (website)
Breastfeeding challenges - where to go for help (pdf)
Breast pump supplies; rental and purchase locations (pdf)
Latching baby to breast  (Video)

At Home with Baby

Healthy baby health brain - infant developement (website) 
A new way to understand your baby's crying (website)
Immunizations and Vaccines (website) 
Birth control options (website) 
Parenting and Family resources (website) 
Partners to Parents (website) 
Safe sleep brochure (website)
AHS Infant Nutrition Class (website)
Raising our healthy kids (website) 

Mental Health

Here to help mental wellness (website) 
The Hope App (website)
How the helper can help (pdf)
Helpful hints for parents (pdf)