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Pregnancy & Babies

Who should attend?

Anyone planning a pregnancy, expecting a baby, parenting a baby, or wanting information and support to have a healthy pregnancy and baby.

Program Format:

Telephone or in person meeting, with follow up as needed

How do you get in to the program?

By completing the survey at your first & or midterm prenatal appointment and requesting contact.  If your family doctor is part of the RDPCN you can self-refer by calling 403.343.9100 and speak with our Triage Nurse.

Your RDPCN family doctor may recommend you see the nurse and can complete a referral form which will then be faxed from the clinic to RDPCN do we need this or just self referral.

Maternity Care

If you do not have a family doctor or your family doctor does not deliver babies you will need to have the pregnancy confirmed either at a walk-in clinic or by your family doctor

This doctor will determine if the pregnancy is high or low risk. (high risk will be referred to an obstetrician)

If it is low risk they will complete a RDPCN Low Risk Maternity Care referral form.

This form is then faxed to RDPCN and forwarded to a clinic that is accepting low risk maternity care patients. You will be contacted by the clinic accepting your care to set up an appointment.

Your commitment:

Bring your list of questions and concerns for discussion.

Where is the Program located?

Red Deer PCN Central Office
Phone: 403.343.9100
5120 47 St Red Deer, AB


For Pregnancy, Giving Birth, Breastfeeding and at Home with Baby Resources